A complete and total discography of Midnight releases..

Organized by order of release, all pressing variations/tests/etc listed.

by Omid of Outlaw Recordings 

Last updated: 11/30/13 

"Midnight" demo-CDR

No Label - 2003

Unknown number of copies, some with handmade sleeves by Athenar.

This was where it all started!  Athenar came out of the basement with this, sent it to me, and it became the "Funeral Bell" EP!  I have blurred out the phone number on the back to keep the 'Midnight calls' to a minimum! 

"Funeral Bell" mini-lp

Outlaw Recordings - 2003

123 copies total pressed, all on black vinyl with insert.

First 30 copies came in hand made leather sleeves constructed by Athenar's Mom that were then silk screened.  They also had either a black 'disco jacket' inside the leather sleeve, or there are a few copies that had silk screened covers inside the leather sleeves.    There are also rumored to be 5 CD copies with "leather sleeves" that Athenar also made to give to people who "didn't get a leather sleeve LP" but I have never seen one of these....

Leather sleeve edition photos:

Regular edition photos:

"White Hot Fire"  7"

Outlaw Recordings/Shifty Records/My Mind's Eye Record - 2004

341 copies total pressed, all on black vinyl with black sleeve.

This was a three way joint release.  There are six copies that were signed by Athenar before they were sent out, and there were no test pressings done for the 7".

Shifty Records invited MIDNIGHT the day before this recording to use studio time that was booked for another band that had cancelled.  Athenar wrote the music and recorded these two tracks the next day.

White Hot Fire features guitar solos by Terry Hanchin and Mark Gibbs, the only original MIDNIGHT studio recordings not entirely played by Athenar.

Signed copy:


"Outbreak of Evil" comp 7"

NWN Productions - 2005

1000 copies total pressed, features the song "Turn Up The Hell".


"Complete and Total Fucking Midnight" CD

Outlaw Recordings/Shifty Records/My Mind's Eye Records - 2005

1000 copies total pressed.

This was a three way joint release CD, it is a compilation of the first three releases plus four new songs.

"Complete and Total Fucking Midnight" 2 LP/CD

NWN Productions - 2006

First pressing:
1000 copies total pressed, 200 of them on grey/pink vinyl
All copies came in gatefold sleeves with glossy inner sleeves too.

Second pressing (done in 2010):
500 copies total pressed, 100 of them on red vinyl
All copies came in gatefold sleeves, no inner sleeves.

CD pressing:
2000 copies total.

This was a vinyl/CD reissue of the CD comp from 2005 with 5 more demo cover songs added on.  There are substantial differences between the first and second pressing, the colors on cover, and back cover/gatefold layouts are totally different.  The second pressing is sometimes known as the "McDonalds pressing" because of the McDonalds-esque color scheme!

First Pressing photos:

Second Pressing photos:

Test Pressing:

(note, I made the insert sleeve for this copy)

"Slay the Spits" 7"

My Mind's Eye Records - 2007

Unknown number of copies pressed,most black but some on grey vinyl.

Features covers of 4 songs by The Spits.  Not sure if there were test pressings done for this release or not?  May still be in print, pressing information was not available for this release.

"Farewell To Hell" 10"

NWN Productions - 2008

First pressing:
1000 copies total pressed, all in embossed sleeves with poster/lyric insert
200 copies were "die hard" edition on clear vinyl w/ bonus picture disc 45
5 test pressing copies, black vinyl, numbered on labels, no artwork.

Second Pressing:
There may have been a second pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl.

CD Pressing:
2000 copies total.

This was a 10" of 6 new songs, and as mentioned the "Die Hard" came with a bonus 45 with a Pagans cover song on it and another live song.  The picture disc 45 was modeled after the "Immortals of Metal" singles that were done on Megaforce in the 80's, there were two picture discs on that series, Venom and Mercyful Fate!

"Die Hard" clear vinyl version with bonus 7":

Test Pressing:

"Berlin is Burning" picture disc & LP

NWN Productions - 2009

First pressing:
500 copies total pressed as a picture disc 
5 test pressing copies, white discs numbered with NWN stickers

Second Pressing:
500 copies total pressed on regular LPs
200 of those copies were on blue vinyl.

This features one new demo song "Berlin is Burning" along with the demos recorded in 2009 for songs that ended up on other releases.

Picture disc photos:

Regular LP photos:

I never got this version, will have to get photos from elsewhere. 

"Tejano Tour" split 7"

Rescued From Life Records - 2010

100 copies total pressed, all in silk screened gatefold covers
70 of those copies were on black vinyl
30 of those copies were on yellow vinyl
5 test pressing copies, black vinyl small hole 45, white hand labeled sleeves.

This split (with Nun Slaughter) was done to be sold on the tour these two bands did in Texas in 2010, a two date tour!    Features a live version of "On The Wings of Satan".

"Farewell To Metal Slut Tour" split 7"

Outlaw Recordings - 2010

500 copies total pressed, all with two sided Japanese style "insert" sleeve
200 copies on splatter vinyl, with bonus "shinkishi" autograph card
15 test pressing copies, splatter vinyl, with custom sleeves.
20 promo copies were also made.

This split single with Abigail from Japan was released to be sold and help fund the Japan tour the two bands did together in 2010.  The splatter versions were only sold on the road in Japan.  The black vinyl versions were available via mail order in the US, and had a "punch out" style center hole like the old UK singles used to have.  All copies were numbered kinda "secret style" on the inner sleeves.  There were some promo copies made too,  there's detailed pressing info about this release on the Outlaw Recordings web site.  The Midnight song on here is a cover of Quiet Riot "Slick Black Cadillac", the 1979 version!

Tour edition photos:


Black vinyl version:

Test Pressing:

"Tsunami Benefit" split 7"

Relapse Records - 2011

First pressing:
1000 copies total pressed on white vinyl
10 test pressing copies

Done as a split (with Toxic Holocaust) benefit release for Japan after the tsunami disaster, features song "Destroy Tsunami's Power". 


"Satanic Royalty" LP/pic disc/CD/cassette

Hell's Headbangers Records - 2011

First pressing:
black vinyl: 400 copies without art/photo credits on sleeve
blue vinyl: 777 copies without art/photo credits on sleeve
100 copies on red vinyl for Japan, only sold via Record Boy in Tokyo!
222 copies on picture disc LP in regular sleeves
5 test pressing copies, white labels with numbered HHR stickers

Second Pressing:
black vinyl: in print
blue vinyl: in print
silver vinyl: 300 copies

Cassette Pressing:
500 copies, all came with stickers.

CD Pressing:
Comes with bonus DVD: unknown number of copies.

At long last the first Midnight full length LP was released in 2011!  It came out on a lot of different colors/versions, and this LP totally RULES!  They even released it on tape! Right now I only have the test pressing and the tape, but will get photos of different versions on here soon.


"Complete and Total Hell" LP/CD/Cassette

Hell's Headbangers Records - 2012

LP pressing info:
black vinyl: yeah, they were black vinyl!
silver vinyl: some were on this color vinyl, unknown number pressed
red vinyl: 100 copies for Japan, only sold via Record Boy in Tokyo!
6 test pressing copies, white labels with numbered HHR stickers on labels

Cassette Pressing:
unknown number of copies

CD Pressing:
unknown number of copies.

A reissue of the "Complete and Total Midnight" compilation with some track variations and in a different sleeve.


"Satanic Royalty Demos" cassette

Say Hello To Mister Fist Records - 2012

Pressing info:
Cassette only release limited to 200 copies. Released and sold exclusively at Hells Pleasure Metalfest (Germany) in 2012. Unprofessionally printed foldout booklet & factory duplicated cassettes with print on the shells. The music repeats on both sides.

"Alive on the Streets of Cleveland!" LP

Outlaw Recordings - 2013

280 copies total pressed, all with stamped "VG condition" sleeves, on a variety of splatter colored vinyls, with two inserts

13 test pressing copies, black vinyl, with custom sleeves.

"USA Violates Australia" Australian Tour 7"

No Label - 2013

110 copies total pressed, all with plain white blank labels and in a xeroxed fold over sleeve numbered on the back (there's 100 copies #'ed/100, then 10 unnumbered 'band copies'), all were sold in NZ/Australia during the 2013 tour.  The two exclusive cover songs on here are:  Mistreater "Hell's Fire" and Taipan "Breakout".

5 test pressing copies, with an 'off white' label, some in sleeves and/or with hand written labels.

New releases:

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